After a competition and selection, participants in the project are 20 young people from the Northwestern region of Bulgaria and 20 young people from Pcinja, Serbia.


Based on a study on the low level of civic activity, a training program for active civic involvement and development of leadership skills among young people was developed.


With the support of experienced mentors, the young people received materials, practical guidelines and specific advice and developed their individual projects.

Youth network

5 clubs have been established: Youth Policy / Advocacy, Culture / Arts / Sports, Education, Local Community Development / Volunteering and Human Rights Protection.

We can help you

On this web portal we will publish information about internships, training courses and job opportunities.If you are interested in the established youth network and its clubs, you can join and share your ideas and problems with other participants.

If you have questions, fill out the questionnaire.We hope to be useful to you and to continue working together for the personal and professional development and improvement of young people from the cross-border region of the project.

About the organizations

Nov Pat Association

Nov Pat Association is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization and mainly operates in Northwestern Bulgaria. Since its inception, the Association has managed to gain significant experience, expertise and capacity in working with representatives of various ethnic minorities, social groups, children and students.

The Voice of Vranya Association

The Voice of Vranya Association works to develop the awareness of the target groups about individual human rights.
Conducts trainings for changing attitudes, organizes actions to show the existing problems and works for their solution.



Trained young people developed non-financial projects on important community issues, supported by teachers. The whole established network between the members of different regions of the two countries is an exchange of experience, an opportunity for communication, creating a partnership and development of the enterprise.

Testimonials from participants

The project was useful for me because I gained new knowledge in the field of leadership and made interesting acquaintances.

I liked each part equally, both formal and informal.

I would participate again in other projects with the same people and with many new ones, the training can be in the entrepreneurial field.

Theodore Gerginov

The meetings about the project were useful in terms of: – how to relax in front of an audience and talk without worrying; – structuring ideas in a small amount of time or pages; – Encourage creativity and determination.

In addition to the different atmosphere and new people, the attitude of the leaders, the good distribution of time between rest and lectures, the participation of different leaders of a range of organizations in the field.

Milena Vasileva

Ucesnica na projektu sam od samog pocetka. Ucesce na projektu za mene predstavlja veliko iskustvo.Uvek sam smatrala da mi mladi mozemo da menjamo stvari u svojoj zajednici,ali do sada nisam znala na koji nacin to mozemo da uradimo.


Kroz ovaj projekat sam dobila potrebna znanja I vestine koje mogu da primenim u bilo kojoj situaciji.Smatram da svko od nas moze dati svoj doprinos I stvori bolje uslove za zivot mladih u svojoj zajednici.

Jelena Tasic

Drago mi je sto sam deo jednog ovakvog projekta.Do sada nisam imao prilike da ucestvujem u nekom projektu Prekogranicne saradnje. Voleo bih da se ovakav projekat nastavi jer sam upoznao I razvio prijateljstvo kako sa ucesnicima projekta tako I sa clanovima projektnog tima I  mentorima.


Znanja I vestine koje sam stekao tokom projekta su mi od velike koristi jer mogu da ih primenjujem I u daljem zivotu u razlicitim oblastima.

Filip Nedeljkovic