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Information about the association

Nov Pat Association is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization established for public benefit in 2004. Its mission is to develop and promote spiritual values ​​and civil society, promote health, education, science and culture in support of disadvantaged groups, people with disabilities and in support of social integration. The main activities of the organization are in several key sectors:

– Employment: Providing employment to representatives of various target groups such as long-term unemployed persons receiving monthly social benefits and people with disabilities in the social enterprise “Bee”, as well as various projects funded by the ESF.

– Social services: Development of social services provided to various target groups of disadvantage, poverty and social exclusion; Disabled; representatives of minorities and the long-term unemployed through the provision of social services. The association works to protect the child’s right to grow up in a family environment; to motivate children to attend school, to reintegrate into the school environment; to marry when they have developed a mental, emotional and physical readiness to take responsibility for the future generation; to prevent domestic violence through corrective work, etc.

– Healthcare: Prevention and health education; conducting information campaigns; formation of attitudes in children and young people to build responsibility for their own health; consulting on family planning, building a partnership network to improve access to health care and quality care, prevention of tuberculosis through early detection and diagnosis of tuberculosis, etc.

– Education: Work for equal access to education and training for children from ethnic minorities at a very early age. The association works to build human capacity in the Roma community by supporting students to acquire secondary and higher education; prevention of early school leaving; work with parents and families of children, motivation for lifelong learning, etc.

– Roma inclusion: Support to Roma communities for active participation in decision-making processes, involvement in the development of strategic programs, projects and documents for engaging local Roma communities in the process of monitoring the implemented strategies, programs, plans, etc. with a focus on Roma and their implementation by NGOs, institutions, municipalities and others.

The organization has built capacity to manage projects funded by various sources, including the EU. In addition, the Association “New Way” has a team of experts for full-time and part-time work with experience in providing psychological counseling for adults, pedagogical assistance for children, social services for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups, monitoring of personal and social assistance and training of specialists to build the necessary habits for their daily work.

One of the main activities of the organization since its inception is working with young people, mainly from the Roma community and supporting them for social and educational integration.