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            Until 12 (twelfth) May 2021, the office of the Association “New Way” in the village of Hayredin accepted documents for the selection of 20 participants from Vidin, Vratsa, Montana and Sofia region in the Program for active civic inclusion and development of leadership skills such as part of the activities under the project Youth Leadership Network implemented by the Association “New Way” funded by the EU through the program Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria – Serbia. By the deadline, the documents of 23 candidate participants were accepted.

After a selection by a committee in two parts: 1st analysis of the submitted documents and second: evaluation of the submitted essay, which will look for the real problem and its corresponding solution were selected 20 participants in the Program for active citizenship and leadership development

Участници в програмата

Anna Pavlova

I am a student at PPMG “Acad. Iv. Tsenov” – Vratsa. I believe that goodness is a symbol of eternity and in it lies the essence of truly fulfilling life. If I had the opportunity, I would change the social policy in my hometown – Oryahovo, in the direction of creating a hospice for the elderly in the now defunct hospital

Valentina Valentinova

I am 21 years old from the town of Vratsa. I love to travel, go out with friends and face new challenges. I consider this to be the program for active civic involvement and development of leadership skills and I can’t wait for the training to start


Victoria Metodieva

At the age of 18 from the town of Botevgrad. I am finishing 12th grade at PGTM “Hristo Botev” in my hometown, majoring in Economic Informatics.

For 12 years I have been part of the cheerleading team of the city, with which I have participated in international and national festivals and competitions. In 2020, I participated as an extra in the series “Stolen Life”.

For me, this participation was very exciting and interesting, because I met many different and interesting people who told me about their personal life, experience and gave me a lot of useful advice. For me, this participation, although small, was very interesting, because I like to get involved in different things.

In 2020, I also took part in the National Online Camp for Roma Girls. For me, this camp was extremely useful because it had many personal and motivating stories of successful Roma. I personally want to change the opinion of other people that all Roma are the same.

I want to be an example for many Roma and for them to continue their education and follow their dreams

Dejan Monov

I am a representative of the NGO “Culture and Green Growth”. I studied molecular biology at Sofia University. I have been shooting and video processing for several years. I lived in Spain for ten years, where I learned Spanish and English, saw other points of view and broadened my worldview.

Ivan Rusnov

I am from the town of Vidin, 26 years old. Since January 2020 I have been working as a social worker in the Child Protection Department at the Social Assistance Directorate. I have participated in many voluntary initiatives, seminars and trainings both in Bulgaria and abroad. I was the leader of a small group in youth camps, a trainer on “Activate volunteering” in Vidin.

The last training I participated in was “Visible and invisible racism and how to distinguish them”. I would like to motivate the young people in Vidin to be more active, to be proactive and to try the “taste” of volunteering.

Linda Thanova

I am 22 years old from the village of Mihailovo, district – Vratsa. I study obstetrics at a branch of the Medical University “Prof. Dr. I. Mitev ”- Vratsa. I work in MHAT “Hr. Botev ”- Vratsa, in the department of obstetrics and gynecology

 Mario Lilov

I am from the town of Mezdra. Now I am graduating from the Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov Secondary School in Vratsa, majoring in Computer Engineering and Technology. In society, everyone thinks of themselves, there are few people who would think of others as themselves. If that changes, we we would become a good country, with good leaders and good people.

Mila Mileva

I am 20 years old, from the town of Vratsa. I graduated from Hristo Botev High School in my hometown, and now I am studying Philosophy at the University of Veliko Tarnovo. St. Cyril and Methodius. I chose this discipline because it includes learning skills that are not so developed in other specialties. Philosophy is a science that allows us to understand whether certain interpretations of data are adequate or not, whether the research methods used allow us to draw the conclusions we want, or even the hypotheses we start with are defects.

Accumulating this knowledge, I started working at the Center for Public Support – Vratsa. My idea was to get to know more the people I work with and whether the methods of work provided to us would help children in need. My poor experience in the field has confronted me with many destinies and stories that I would not forget for the rest of my life. It is these experiences that help us learn a lot about each other and gain experience either in this field or even in another.

Milena Vasileva

I study psychology at the New Bulgarian University and I am very interested in human behavior, relationships and ego. I graduated from the Sofia Vocational School of Tourism and worked on my professional qualification for a long time. When I have personal free time, I spend it reading or drawing. I love nature and animals and this is obvious, because animals love me too. 🙂

Michaela Yonova

I am a student at Sofia University “Hristo Botev” – town. Oryahovo. My dream is to live in a world where kindness and justice are a priority for all people. In the city where I live, a problem among the younger generation is drug use. I believe that leaders are needed to work to prevent this problem. I have the strength and desire to be part of this team.

Nikola Zhivkov

I was born in Sofia. I finished my secondary education in the town of Svishtov, and my higher education – at the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”, majoring in Law. I returned to live in my father’s house in the village of Zgorigrad, Vratsa municipality. I have been a youth worker at the Youth Center – Vratsa for a year. I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Political Science, Sociology and Cultural Studies at the University of Veliko Tarnovo, majoring in Political Science. My PhD is on the problems of political leadership and civic participation in the modern democratic political process.

Petrana Tashkova

I am 21 years old from the city of Montana. I am a student at the branch of the University of Veliko Tarnovo in Vratsa in the specialty “Preschool and primary school pedagogy”. I did not choose the profession, she chose me! I started working in DG “Spring” in my hometown. There I realized how much I love being among children and how much they make me happy. I am happy for the opportunity to be almost 2 years old and to touch the children’s world, which is full of laughter, joy, positive emotions and a little crying. At the moment, I only focus on learning, because it is really important for me to graduate successfully so that one day I can become a real teacher.

 Radostina Rusinova

I am a student in 12th grade. I have serious interests in scientific disciplines and knowledge in general. The arts are not alien to me either. I finished the twelfth grade with excellent results and my goals and intentions are strictly linked to continuing my education, with a good realization on the labor market and in accordance with my abilities and favorite areas of activity. I arrange my goals and achieve them with perseverance. My imagination, will and excellent information skills are what help me. I am ambitious and persistent. Independent, enterprising and enterprising too. I know how to realize my plans and I do not give up, because I believe in myself and I know well what education is for each of us and how much easier and higher you can get if you have a more diverse and in-depth training, if you know others languages!

Rosalinda Georgieva

I am 19 years old, from the town of Botevgrad, but I currently live in the village of Bhutan. I am a first year student at VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”, Vratsa branch, majoring in Bulgarian Language and History. I have participated in many events, as I was part of the ODMP – Kozloduy and I am interested in your training, because I hope it will be useful in the future.

Rosen Dekov

I am a youth worker in the Youth Center – Vratsa. I am an economist by profession. For me, working as a youth worker is important and responsible. Youth policies must be developed together with the young people of the settlement, to meet their needs, visions and dreams. It is important to hear and jointly develop current and necessary activities and policies. In addition, I believe that every young person should be active and always looking for new challenges.

Steven Slavchev

I am from the town of Moesia, 23 years old. Last year I had a bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Information Technology in Business in Ruse. It is important to me that young people are properly oriented, educated and with leadership qualities.

Tashko Kirilov

I am from the city of Montana and I am an intern on a project of the Integra Association, which is aimed against hate speech on social networks. I consider as an achievement both the professional and public events that I have. I would change many things in society, but most of all the demoralization that has taken place among some of the people in it.

Theodore Gerginov

I am 21 years old and a student of IT analysis and business strategies. I graduated from 32 Sofia University with a degree in foreign languages ​​in the capital and “Informatics, Information Technology and Mathematics” at the National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Sofia. I have completed QA Complete 19 courses at Pragmatic Academy and C ++ Fundamentals at Software University. Maybe that’s why I prefer complex numbers, but simple relationships. I also prefer “Levski”, nothing that I was born in the city named after Botev. I love having fun with friends and hiking in the mountains with them.

Toshka Ventsislavova

I am 21 years old and I am from the picturesque village of Bhutan in Vratsa.

I am currently a second year student majoring in Preschool Pedagogy and a Foreign Language and I work at the First of June Kindergarten in the village of Bhutan as a teacher’s assistant. I am happy to have the opportunity to do what I really love, namely children. For me, children are love, blessings and life. In them I find true happiness and complete joy. They are our future and hope. They are the sun that illuminates our dark days and warms our souls.

Yavor Lyubenov

I am a specialist in digital marketing. I am responsible for the direct management of a team that generates BGN 4 million per month from fast-moving goods. My strengths are in Facebook / Instagram Ads, Google Search / Display ads, Video ads, building effective consumer and marketing funnels, for efficient distribution of advertising budget. I like to ride a bike, and my longest run is Sofia – Bourgas in 16 hours. I have a long-term interest in neurology and biology.