Mentoring and development of non-financial projects by the young people

Mentoring and development of non-financial projects by the young people

Each of the young people who successfully completed the Program for Active Civic Involvement and Development of Youth Leadership in this activity under the guidance of a mentor will develop a non-financial project aimed at solving a community problem, a problem he presented in his essay. in the Program.

Five mentors will be selected, with experience in writing and implementing projects, mentoring and working with young people.

The 40 young people are divided into groups according to the themes of the essays: unemployment, demography – community problems, youth policies, addictions and discrimination.

Mentors and young people in their work will be supported by the developed Mentor’s Manual. The handbook aims to provide more guidance and a theoretical basis for mentors who will support young successful civil society representatives in their community projects. It provides more detailed information on Mentoring, Mentor Role, Mentoring Plan, Mentor Guidelines, Good Practices. Quotes from civic active leaders who mentor young people are also included.

Each of the mentors in Bulgaria and Serbia will hold 5 online meetings with each participant. From the work of the mentor-youth teams as a final product there will be a developed project and presentation, which will be presented at the upcoming camp.

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