Selection of participants

Selection of participants

By 12 (twelfth) May 2021, the Association “New Way” Bulgaria and Association “Voice of  Vranja” Serbia started a procedure for selection of 40 participants in the Program for active civic inclusion and development of leadership skills as part of project project Youth Leadership Network implemented by the Association “New Way” funded by the EU through the program Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria – Serbia

The program for active civic involvement and development of leadership skills

will be realized in 3 thematic modules, each for 3 days. It will combine theoretical lectures and practical exercises, cover topics such as policy making at national and local level and mechanisms for civic participation, key elements of civic participation, overcoming stereotypes, multicultural understanding and overcoming hate speech, and more. negotiation and conflict management, teamwork, group problem solving, stakeholder analysis, etc.

Applicants can be up to 29 years old – men and women who are civic-minded and can engage as many people as possible in the local community, have the necessary motivation and desire to express active citizenship or have experience and participation in the formulation of public policies.

Young people wishing to participate should send to the following E-mail address:, the following documents:

– Curriculum vitae – free format;

– Copy of a document for completed education;

– Essay on “What is the main problem in my region and how can I solve it”,

– Recommendation from a representative of the local government or a representative of a non-governmental organization or a leader of the local community.

The selection will be carried out in two parts: 1st analysis of the submitted documents and second: evaluation of the submitted essay, which will look for the real problem and its solution.

After the selection, all candidate participants will be notified of the results and ranking.

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